So… this Tribal Mischief thing you guys keep talking about

If you’ve been to a Pesky J. Nixon show in the last couple years, you have probably heard us mention Tribal Mischief.  So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain it to folks.  Tribal Mischief is the parent company of Pesky J. Nixon, run by Jake Bush and Ethan Scott Baird.  PJN is their direct musical side of that business, but what TM does beyond that is provide event planning, scheduling, and PR work for artists and community based organizations.

2017 Lounge Stage Crowd

Over the last couple years, we have worked with a number of different charities; The SAMFund, First Acoustics of Brooklyn, Child’s Play, Wounded Warriors, The One Fund (to name a few).  To date, these efforts have raised over $40,000.  Our focus however is not just confined to charities.  For the last seven years, we and our good friend Scott Jones have been producing the Lounge Stage at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.   Our purpose has been to help the festival retain, grow, and better serve its community through additional varied entertainment.  In the process, we have put 25 performers in front of about 700 music fans every year.

This year we’re looking to grow the scope of Tribal Mischief and we hope you’ll join us on that journey.  We will be starting a Kickstarter campaign on November 1st to help us create a meaningful infrastructure to allow us to produce regular content for the Folk, Roots, and Americana community as a whole.  This isn’t your standard artist Kickstarter, however!  The end product isn’t going to be a single CD but rather many CDs – Pesky J. Nixon’s and many others, including regular video content and a biweekly podcast.  The podcast will involve discussions with innovative members of the music community and people running some of the most worthwhile charities we have come across.  We want to do more, and we think the Folk, Roots, & Americana community could use some help with publicizing the great stories, music, and events.  There is so much cool stuff happening, and we are so excited I think we just want to share that with a broader audience.

We want to let you know we are hard at work putting together the next Pesky J. Nixon EP and all of the above projects this autumn.  We’re looking for input, advice, friendly gestures, and some coffee because we’re probably done sleeping for a while.  Thanks for being part of the Pesky adventure, and we hope you can join us for some future Mischief.




  1. I love the intention and the commitment of what you guys do, are doing, will do! You are spreading the message of inclusion, inter-connectivity and diversity in a way that is still challenging the folk music community.
    I have been honored to be a part of the Lounge Stage and look forward to supporting your efforts in other ways.
    Count me in as an ally!
    Reggie Harris

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